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Poor frank being ridiculed by Leo it's not really his fault didn't Jason piper and Leo visit Quebec which is in canada

I worry about Leo sometimes. -Frank Don't I have it under control -Leo That worry's me more -Frank Whatever -Leo

His mother works at a candy shop that sells only blue candy so every time his mom comes home she brings blue candy

Percy's stepfather argued a point that there was no such thing as blue food. So, naturally, his mother put blue food colouring in everything and turns his stepfather to stone.

Let's just analyze this.   Annabeth- this is interesting. In the song, the boys ask "so can we start it all over again?" This is about Luke? I don't think it can be about Percy.   Leo- obvious. Rock Me means as it sounds. Dirty boy.   Jason & Percy- obviously they're truly madly deeply in love with their girlfriends.

I love these questions involving Absolutely enjoying myself and my favorite song on that album is Leo's too :)

Annabeth, I love minecraft too!!! You would think Leo would play.>> I have always pictured annabeth being a mine craft geek? I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

I just imagine Percy going on her world and making a thing that says 'I love Annabeth' and her just stumbling across it.

Percy Jackson | Octavian | Annabeth Chase... And for camp Jupiter the answer is Octavian but for chb it's drew

hey it is understandable I hate him to. *mutters* stupid god father gives me the worst siblings!

My first thought was, 'who's his best friend?' then my mind answered 'Bianca' and I had a sad. But I'm still confused.

I betcha that Nico finds Bianca, (his sister that "died") while bring the other demigods to the other doors of Tarturas.

Well, this didnt happen for me cause i got House Of Hades from the library before I finished MoA.