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Lol little dogs be like

this mortal form grows weak i require snausages - ThorGi

So true

Dogs Who Want You To Wake Up, Already

Puggerpillar will someday transform into a beautiful puggerfly

here are some adorable mug shots of adorable pugs. we accept photos of your pugs. pugs in costumes. pugs in cartoon. pugs in videos. pugs in love. mug pug.

Dogs: They're silly, illogical, and annoy us”¦and we love them for it. -  #dogs, #logic, #funny, #memes

Dog Logic at Its Finest

Dog: What is it? Me: It's a tree. Dog: Can I eat it? Dog: *stares blankly* Me: What? Dog: I'm gonna eat it. Me: Once your ass gets a stomach ache I'm gonna let you stay there and grovel in pain because you should have listened.

Our new Chief Love Officer & my personal hero!

I’m not a murderer…I just ate a box of red velvet cake mix! Looks like the other little white dog that ate the red lipstick. Too FUNNY!

Dog Cone Full of Stuffed Animals. I can't stop laughing!

The cone of happiness, instead of the cone of shame. puppy looks so happy!

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Funny pictures about When Your Dog Is Trying To Send You A Message. Oh, and cool pics about When Your Dog Is Trying To Send You A Message. Also, When Your Dog Is Trying To Send You A Message photos.

I want a cat like this!

funny caption sad cat with every last toy stuck under refrigerator poor muffin lost all sense of purpose in life

That has happened at my house too weird :D

“Thank God you are home. Someone broke in and ate your rotisserie chicken again.” Lennox and Lilly ate an entire rotisserie chicken and a pound of turkey bacon while Mommyj was moving her car. This was Lilly’s second chicken in a month. This is so my dog

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Cute wittle face xD Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 100 Pics