Downton Abbey: No, Edith. Probably not. As is the running gag among the cast: "Poor Edith!"

"I don't think I should be allowed to pick my own boyfriends anymore" hahaha poor Edith

Lady Sybil in "Downton Abbey"

Sybil and Branson Sybil, slightly bohemian for her time, falls in love with Branson, the family chauffeur. Buxton tried to showcase that freedom of spirit by eschewing high-end fashion in favor of this simple coat.

Lord & Lady Merton, whether Larry, Amelia and Tim like it or not.

Penelope Wilton & Douglas Reith as “Isobel Crawley” & Lord Merton Downton Abbey Series Season 5

Lady Mary and Sister Sibel season 3 episode 1

‘Lady Mary’s Wedding Dress Cost £4,000’: Exclusive Interview With Downton Abbey's Costume Designer

Downton’s back! And it’s most definitely a new fashion era. As Downton Abbey costume designer Caroline McCall tells us in this week’s issue of Grazia – out .