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After what feels like an ETERNITY of waiting, the sequel to Tim Burton’s hit film Alice in Wonderland is almost here! And while everyone is talking about Alice Through the Looking (which hits theaters on May 27th), we want to take a moment to reflect on the 2010 movie that we’re still pretty much obsessed with.

Alice in Wonderland Casting Secrets, Failed Auditions

Never noticed this until now. I also love that in the beginning when they are kids she tells Elsa "Catch me!" Then Elsa starts making those snow pillars for Anna to jump on, then later when trying to climb the mountain and Olaf points out the staircase, she says "Catch!" as she falls back into Kristoff. I just love that it shows how trusting she is, and it shows the two people she can truly trust bc they do catch her (even though Elsa drops her, it was an accident, where she can't trust…

Can I crawl up into a ball and cry in the bottom of a well now? Curl up on the floor Try not to cry Cry a lot

Move over, Flynn Ryder. There was, in fact, a Disney hero before you who questioned why everyone was singing.

Disnumblr Trois

Move over, Flynn Ryder. There was, in fact, a Disney hero before you who questioned why everyone was singing. - Enchanted is SERIOUSLY top 5 favorite movie!

I feel ya girl... I feel ya.

One hot meme

YESS// okay I hate Frozen because I just think that it's the worst disney movie ever but I'm pinning this because when Anna punches him in the face, her fist practically goes THROUGH his face

"Finally, someone who listens!"<---- this commenter must not have noticed her new outfit features a MUCH longer cape.

Finally, Someone Who Listens!

If I could have one superpower right now, it would be the ability to crawl through this camera and give you a big hug ❤️

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Frozen and Frozone

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Hey Frozone, do you wanna build a snowman? Frozen and The Incredibles :)

Natural remedies for cystic acne

Natural Treatments For Cystic Acne (That Work)

When I was in high school, I suffered from about six months of cystic acne. Believe it or not, I was incredibly stressed about tennis, of all things. As much as I preferred to hang with my punk peers, I was fully committed to having a professional te

and the little kids don't blink

Me and my mum watching Toy story 3 for the first time. My mum: Why are you crying? Me:*sob* How are you not crying?

Blonde Messy Braid And Side Ponytail

40 Side Ponytails That You Will Love

Loosey Goosey Ponytail Sometimes you just have to let your ponytail hang free! After braiding your hair low, messily and loose along the nape, bobby pin the braid behind the ear and allow the hair to hang freely and fall onto your shoulder.

Disney Princesses ~ and they lived happily ever after! Description from disneyprincesses.forumcommunity.net. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Pocket Princesses: Scotland for Nay