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Editors' Picks: Design Miami and Citywide Installations | Interior Design

The architects at FXFOWLE realized a design for the inaugural Miami project art fair. The sculpture created at FXFOWLE is known as the FXFOWLE Lounge.

Drift by Snarkitecture  **I Love Installations**

Drift by Snarkitecture

Drift Installation by Snarkitecture - The Drift installation by Snarkitecture is an inflatable pavilion structure showcased at Design Miami. The Brooklyn-based design firm creates a whi.

Juney Lee, Kevin Lee, and Nick Polansky make an installation using complex folding / MIT Studio Fall 2010

Juney Lee, Kevin Lee, and Nick Polansky make an installation using complex folding / MIT Studio Fall 2010 reminds me of freshman year.

Instalación ‘FXFOWLE Lounge’ / FXFOWLE Architects

Galería de Instalación 'FXFOWLE Lounge' / FXFOWLE Architects - 2

FXFOWLE Architects shared with us their custom-design for the inaugural Miami Project art fair. Their installation, known as the ‘FXFOWLE Lounge’, features a free-standing architectural pavilion housed within a well-appointed lounge and bar area.

ULTRA by Federico Diaz | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

ULTRA by Federico Diaz. let building represent topo itself and have this layering to define space

Anne Gates / Double eggblack / Motivation series /  2011-12

"it's not my fault" andrew hawkes "it's not my fault" andrew hawkes "motivation" anne gates "motivation" anne gates .

collaborative project? have students write poems on paper, then roll into tube and arrange as sculpture | The Bees Knees Cousin

anthropologie inspiration: paper rolls in chicken wire could be "I'm done" station or a cooperative installation

Bloomberg Pavilion, Tokyo MOT | We Heart; Lifestyle & Design Magazine

Architect imagines how a building can blossom like a tree...

A Metal Sculpture That Plays The Breeze. by: artist Luke Jerram...

Luke Jerram: Named after the god of the four winds in Greek mythology, Aeolus, is designed to play a sweet sound every time the wind blows, because it’s made out of 310 polished steel tubes attached to an arch that helps channel the breeze

30 Mind Blowing Multiple Exposure Photographs

The multiple exposure photographs are created in this very manner and eventually create a fabulous impression on viewers.