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“En esta época comencé a Ver […] Contemplaba las llamas, al tiempo que vaciaba mi mente para prepararla a recibir las figuras que convocaría; constituía una acción más difícil de explicar que de realizar”.  Stephen  Lawhead,  “Merlín"

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Tragic: Mom dies in Durban house fire - All 4 Women

The Fire Element is yang in character, with an upward direction and an expansive energy. In Chinese Five Element Theory, Fire is associated with strength, dynamism, and persistence; however, it is also linked to restlessness. Fire gives warmth, creativity, and enthusiasm; although, in excess, it can bring impatience, impulsive behavior, and aggression.

I have started a board about fire because I wanted to research how to correctly draw it . Fire is very dangerous . And Smokey the bear was right . We all should be very careful with fire .

photography by Melissa Baggaley

photography by Melissa Baggaley

#fire #огонь #пламя #камин

#fire #огонь #пламя #камин

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Fire Flames Texture For Design Projects

Fallen Leaves, Winter Breeze

rustic autumn cozy fireplace firewood country house cozy home warm and cozy autumn time autumn cozy

Fire:  He does like to burn things. Give him a pile of rubble of set on fire and he's a happy man.

Fire: He does like to burn things. Give him a pile of rubble of set on fire and he's a happy man.

fire: "rapid oxidation of a material in the chemical process of combustion"

Fire pinned with Bazaart pinned with Bazaart pinned with Bazaart


Southern Writers - Suite T: A Writer’s Dream Therapy

Firestarter | joemuggins | Flickr

A beautiful fire to light the darkness

слот ультра хот

слот ультра хот

Realistic fire demo panel,

Realistic fire demo panel,

On Fire – If you’re currently on fire, keep stoking the flames.  You likely feel in the flow and ideas come easily.  Sparks fly as you move ideas into action.  You are in the innovation zone.   People who feel “on fire” tend to be happy, satisfied and are living on purpose.

I always thought fire was mesmerizing.

Fireside - Warm And Cozy By The Fire

Bonfire and star filled nights