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Kendall's so cute I love him. & actually someone can be allergic to poison ivy. They have a worse reaction then everyone else when they touch it. #IGetYouKendall

My favorite moment from that Cambio chat. Kendall is such a dork! But he's my dork!

the RPF

Cheat sheet for the trick arrows from The Definitive CW Arrow Thread - Page 28


Trolling Planes

Funny pictures about Trolling Planes. Oh, and cool pics about Trolling Planes. Also, Trolling Planes photos.

Yeah I have to deal with it every day. You rushers know what I'm talking about.

BTR James is over here karate chopping the air Logan being a butterfly Carlos being silly and Kendall talking no front camara picture 😂😂😂😂

Oh how the years have passed by! :') we must add a 2014....QUICK!!!,some one find a picture

Who remembers big time rush omg I had the hugest crush on Kendall !

All the time my friends are so crazy just like Carlos

The funniest relatable gif's.

lol (gif)hat nape ends yesterday but funny thing is he's not my crush . He's one of my bffs . And abunch of random friends come up to us at my locker and are all like oooooooooooo