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Belgian industrial designer Jens Praet uses shredded magazines and documents mixed with clear resin.


Fossilized: Recyclable Magazine Furniture recycling magazines home furniture

Moulded plastic and sawdust lamps

awesome ReFab Diaries: Upcycle: When sawdust meets plastic bags .

Foamcrete - Product Details

FOAMCRETE: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads for cellular light weight concrete. This material is non-toxic, insulating, sound absorbing and does not transmit vibrations.

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Artista Transforma Papel Reciclado Em Tijolos De Papel Tão Sólidos Quanto Tijolos De Verdade

Some designers make furniture out of paper and leave nothing to the imagination. But not Netherlands-based designer Woojai Lee, who’s managed to transform paper into a polished, brick-like material.

Nelly Rodi Lab

DESIGN: tourmaline-studded cement plaster side table by Amoia Studio

Diana Simpson Hernandez, Glass Collection

Waste glass transformation recycled glass tiles by Glass lab in London

London-educated German designer Luisa Kahlfeldt’s stool is another interesting example of recycled paper. “By experimenting with a low value, everyday material, the task was to manipulate the material in such a way to enhance its perceived quality,” she says. DesignMilk - IMM Cologne 2016

New Talent Steals the Show at IMM Cologne

London-educated German designer Luisa Kahlfeldt’s stool – shaved down, laminated corrugated cardboard

Recycled magazine furniture by designer Jens Praet http://www.jenspraet.com/SJP.html

Recyclable Magazine Furniture by the kilo!

Designed by Belgian industrial designer Jens Praet these sleek and textured furniture pieces are constructed from shredded magazines and documents mixed with clear resin.

This minimalist stool design is not only stylish but sustainable! Its seat is formed from a material you might never have heard of called eelgrass found along the beaches of the North Sea. From Germany alone, thousands of tons of this submerged aquatic vegetation wash up and are removed before being sent to landfills. Designer Carolin Peitsch saw an opportunity to put the plentiful grass to use and created a fiber-reinforced eco plastic made with the aid of bio-resin.

Stools that Start in the Sea

amma drums

Amma Drum By: AMMA Studio Material: Cement, Sand, Salt, Silica Design Date: 2013 Production Date: Made to Order Dimensions: 18 in Diameter: 15 in

Ze Daily matériO' : Turron or Leather Bar? | materiO’

Ze Daily matériO' : Turron or Leather Bar?

Furniture created by a spray-on paper mache gun could make anyone into a furniture designer.

Paper Mache Gun Sprays Furniture Into Midair [Pics

ok, not CNC but I like the idea of a spray gun. Papier Mache Gun Sprays Furniture Into The Air [Pics]

Bori Kovacs – Please Do touch – 2015.  Et si la couleur et le motif n’existaient plus ? À une époque submergée par le tout visuel, la designer Bori Kovacs prend le contre-pied et crée des matériaux exclusivement tactiles (destinés par exemple à la décoration). Cherchant à nous reconnecter à la matérialité des choses, elle étudie et s’inspire de la nature qui nous entoure pour réaliser des matières qui nous incitent à toucher. Sans couleur, sans ornement graphique et sans forme, la matière se…

Bori Kovacs

Innovative Textiles Design- I like the that he only uses one colour which emphasises the quality of the textures experimental white textures inspired by nature // Bori Kovács

Way cool! 30 ideas to upcycle old magazines via http://stylecaster.com/cool-things-to-make-with-old-magazines/

32 Genius Things to Make With Your Old Magazines

Design Shimmer: girls night banner using magazine pages

If you're looking for a unique way to send some snail mail, creating an envelope from old magazine pages is one way to do it.

32 Genius Things to Make With Your Old Magazines

If you're anything like me, then you most likely have piles and piles of old (sometimes unread) fashion magazines laying around. Day by day they continue to sit in your apartment gathering dust, but you can't get yourself to throw them out.

Make a collage picture out of old magazines and paper with the technique from patchwork. Find the free template and step by step guide on the blog.

DIY Magazine Collage Wall Art with Template