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Thomas Sanchez,  http://tuyomasyo.blogspot.ca/2010/06/tomas-sanchez-o-la-reinvencion-del.html

an enchanted tree island which is the portal to a mystical, magical land.(photo by tomas sanchez)

"Call you me fair? That fair again unsay. Demetrius loves your fair. O happy fair!"  Act I  Scene I AMSND 1

36 Incredible Places That Nature Has Created For Your Eyes Only, Lake Tree, British Columbia: loving reflections

Landscape Photography Tips: Seasonal Love

Seasonal Love

inhasa: Autumn At The Lake, The Laurentains, Quebec; photo by Alan Marsh

Tomás Sánchez

Tomás Sánchez - Cuban Painter and Engraver - Paintings

Красивые фотографии / ЛЕТО

A Glorious tree dancing!


The amazing power and beauty of a waterfall. A waterfall is an area of a river or stream where the water flows over a steep vertical drop, often landing in a plunge pool below.

Campo Andaluz – Andalusian Countryside / #trees

Campo Andaluz - Andalusian Countryside, Spain Only one tree left.


A sort of a giant ficus Filipino. In nature - an evergreen tree or shrub, up to 4 meters in height.


born September in Maykop, died October 1976 in a railway accident near Kazan [his family did not believe the official version of his death]) was a Russian illustrator, who left more than 400 paintings and drawings.

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Old Man Willow illustration by the Hildebrandt brothers.

I Want The Moon.

reflection / the literal mirror image of an object on a surface and also the more conceptual idea of balancing elements within a design. Or let go and feel the beauty of this image.

Patrick Dougherty shapes living trees into amazing natural tree buildings.

Patrick Dougherty shapes living trees into amazing natural tree buildings Top 10 Most Beautiful and Spectacular Unknown Places

“I may be the last one, but I am the one still standing.” Cassie Sullivan | The 5th Wave

lost in the oldest of forests….this is how I felt about myself and life…I was lost in the deep dark beauty of loneliness…until God brought my Darling Marcie.

pasto e arvores

pasto e arvores

Landscape (Jian Chong Min)

House surrounded by Bottle Brush Trees, Suzhou, China. Get a close up of those trees, lovely.

"Thwarted Dreams" by Cuban painter Denis Nunez Rodriguez (2009, oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm)

Thwarted dreams. Denis Nunez

Surreal Art - Thwarted dreams, Denis Nunez Rodriguez was born in Mantanzas, Cuba in He studied drawing and painting in Cuba`s National Art School and graduated in 1986 as a painter and professor of painting and drawing.