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Beaty Trends For Fashion Week 2014

For fine hair, try: Blunt cut with some waves Inspiration: Adeam An easy trick to make fine hair look thicker is to get a straight, blunt cut. The shorter for summer, the better. Ahead, amp up fine strands into volumized waves with just a couple products.

Nicola Roberts Pictures - 'X Factor' Celebs in Wembley - Zimbio

Nicola Roberts in 'X Factor' Celebs in Wembley

Nicola Roberts leaves Fountain Studios in Wembley after the live finale of "The X Factor". Matt Cardell won over the audience as he was announced as the winner of the seventh season. Take That were the guest musical act.

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Awkward bathroom encounters yesterday I ran into my friend who I haven't seen in like 4 years in the target bathroom and I just sort of ran past her because I had to pee.


Messy hair finger combed into very low ponytail. Wisps and pieces falling free around face.


hackwithdesignhouse: “We are proud to announce our next Makers Alongside release with Annika Kaplan! This eloquently hand made, brass hair pin is incredibly versatile and will be available soon for.

♥  Angelina Jolie | Hair And Makeup

Angelina Jolie Photos Photos: "In The Land Of Blood And Honey" Photocall - Berlinale International Film Festival

Hanna Rundlof (One) by Timothy Rosado  cutie

Looking for a messy blunt bob. Half inch shorter under layer to give top more volume. wearenapoleon: hanna rundlof by timothy rosado.