Patrick Dougherty shapes living trees into amazing natural tree buildings Top 10 Most Beautiful and Spectacular Unknown Places

Timelessly Marvelously Functional And Easy Diy Picnic Table Ideas For Ideal Lunchtime Outside

Timelessly Marvelously Functional and Easy DIY Picnic Table Ideas for Ideal Lunchtime Outside

Artist Michael Beitz designed amazing sculptural table called Tree Picnic, a functional picnic table that branches like a tree at the Michigan Riley Farm in Buffalo, NY.- For RVL medow area

* Japanese Garden

In my previous post, below this one, I wrote that I’m having a show at the Portland Japanese Garden on the subject of Mottainai, a Japanese philosophical concept that assigns value to all res…

Framed view of tsubo niwa garden Kaho House A garden in Kyoto design by Atsushi Akenuji for the painter Akira Kaho.

Tenniswood Inspiration

Detail Collective Outside Spaces No-Grass Gardens Image/Design: Standard…

wabisabimind:  “Japanese gardens…!  ”

Perfect to eliminate grass that needs to be cut. Plant mangoes and other fruits along the borders.

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