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'We should have stayed in that cave' by Atramina

Jon and Ygritte: We should have stayed in that cave Fan Art by Atramina

Daario Naharis by LiberLibelula. THAT'S how I pictured Daario, but I always had a hard time with Dani being attracted to someone like him.

not the flesh-for-fangirls that HBO has given us. Though I like him, yep. More than the yellow-blue freak of the books. However, I had to draw him si. THIS is Daario Naharis

Winter's Not So Bad- by naomi-makes-art73

Okay, so I have such mixed feelings about this love triangle, because I really love Lyanna with Rhaegar, but I like her with Robert to.

Lannister Pride - Game of Thrones - Tom Gateley

Proud to be a Lannister Available as a T-Shirt from my Redbubble Lannister Pride

The Stark Children by ~Tribemun on deviantART

ah, the adorable Stark kids in happier times. The Stark Children

Melisandre Chibi/puppet 2nd version by ~BelleDameSansMerci on deviantART

Melisandre Chibi/puppet version by PrincessAndDragon on deviantART

burn! #GameofThrones #JonSnow

Jon Snow does know something...

Young Wolf by naomi-makes-art73 on deviantART, Robb Stark and Grey Wind

Young Wolf by on deviantART, Robb Stark and Grey Wind