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Life Dressing - Advanced Style

Ari Seth Cohen Celebrates Advanced Style is wearing black silhouette with a fierce leopard print coat.

ADVANCED STYLE: Joyce and Debra

ADVANCED STYLE: Advanced Style Featured on Mornings Australia--I particularly like Joyce, the lady on the left, who always has such a lovely smile in her pictures.

Lina and I have had the pleasure to meet so many creative and inspiring people throughout our...

Ruth and Anne Marie (Advanced Style)


A Colorful Life - Advanced Style

ADVANCED STYLE: Linda Rodin: "First of all it's not easy getting older. It catches up on you all of a sudden. It's definitely more interesting to let yourself go through the process than do a bunch of surgery and get addicted to a face that's not even yours. You can't chase youth. You'll just look older with a face lift." - See more at: http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/2012/08/linda-rodin.html#sthash.SNQV6Uqr.dpuf

Stylist turned beauty Guru, Linda Rodin, lives in NYC and is aging gracefully.

Gitte Lee age 79 modelled in London over 50 years ago and now is returning to the fashion spotlight. Born in 1935 and married to Christopher Lee the actor

Gitte Lee modeled in London over 50 years ago and now is returning to the fashion spotlight

Advanced Style Aro...

DIY Cupcake Holders