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Cats. Gatos

goodmorningkitten: Stanley more photos)Courtesy and copyright: Lesley and MikeShare your kitty


It's our favorite day of the week again, when we get to show you all our latest and greatest photos of beautiful and adorable felines.

I move the stars for no one

ねこ Stealth kitties, silent and deadly assassins of the of all that's evil in the world!

Momma and her babies

I'm a single mom of two babies. we adopted a Maine Coone kitten who was the baby of a single mom that had 3 babies and luckily a foster home took them all in. My kitten was the "momma's boy" . and he still is . but I'm the mom

And Stretch !! #kittens #cats

And Stretch !! - 30th December 2015

Bengal Cat: "I am so gorgeous!"

Volepaw/// Tom /// Kind, can be blunt and accidentally say the wrong thing ///

We're sending you tons of love Annette!!

(Chances are that a man who can nuzzle a kitten is also open and caring in other facets of his life. -- Barbara L.

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