FROZEN: Anna and Elsa by ~MissMikopete on deviantART

FROZEN: Anna and Elsa - can't tell if this is a fanart but I seriously hope not because then it would be epic.

Cannon - Zootopia/Robin Hood Crossover by The Awesome Will

zootopia/robin hood this is awesome but I don't think that Marian would have a problem with Judy Hopps<<<XD well it's likely

Gorgeous Ursela.

Awesome digital rendition of the Little Mermaid villain, Ursula. - awesome but it gives me the freaking creeps man!

For the first time in forever ❤ Elsa

Bottom pic is kinda a fail cause u can see Anna's shadow so you can tell that Elsa was photoshopped in.

Reine des neiges Elsa.

FROZEN count: Such a great movie! Here is a little drawing of a new dress for Elsa, a mixture of her classic “ice" dress as well as Anna’s coronation gown! I love the panels and the structure of Anna’s gown, so amazingly realistic!

Elsa Anna

My hair turned red cool! (Its me and Heidi on the top and Aunt Anna and Mommy on the bottom)

Cute 2nd lead couple sipping coffee~  A Kdrama Girl's Thoughts

“Descendants of the Sun”: Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won’s Conflicted Love On-Screen and Coziness BTS

Young to Older~ Frozen Elsa & Anna

Anna & Elsa I love how they maintain a usual style for them although in reality theyd most likely have more like an emo and scene phase

Claire is 7 and has frost powers.

Marie is She has no power. She is not in school yet she LOVES Elsa/mom as u can see

U must love to thaw a frozen heart

I like this Elsa way better! Its a kid movie she didn't need to be like 'that'! A kid movie!