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I remember choreography from 2 years ago, yet I can't remember what we learned in math TODAY

literally me, i can remember choreography for days but school? // Especially a marching band show from 6 years ago, twisting and turning and throwing flags back and forth across the field.

This seriously happens every time I learn a routine. I couldn't tell you the steps, I don't know them, my feet do.

Teacher Talk: Kristin Klade

You know you are a dancer when...

You know you’re a dancer when you always need a new pair of tights (dancing-mylife-away).


The submit isn't limited to just problems, feel free to give me quotes or photos or videos or really anything!

You know you're a dancer when... - Dayna (LA)

So absolutely true! Its food for a dancers soul.its amazing how much emotion a dancer can give and make you feel without ever saying a word.