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Make this hay feeder and keep the hay up in reach and clean. Thehorse shares easy instructions to make your own low cost hay feeder. Keep your horse from e

Build Your own Horse Pallet Feeder | EASY DIY and CRAFTS

I saw that horse feeder has become old. It needs to be replaced with a new horse feeder. I started for easy horse feeder ideas and there came in my mind to make

Hay Feeder...just have to be careful with snippy horses when sharing a feeder. I'd put bars inbetween so they couldn't snap at the other horse

I had posted previously that I would most likely go with an L-shaped barn. Here is a to-scale plan and some thoughts on it: TACK ROOM: The x tack room is the north/NW wall.

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Maybe using a slow feed hay net on the bottom might work, not that expensive to try for a diy hay feeder.

Horse feeder barrel with a piece of no climb mesh.....good idea!

A feeder that pairs water and food for your your horse without weting ur hay or getting hay in your horses water

hay feeder | Animals | Pinterest

hay feeder | Animals | Pinterest