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Absolute Beginner Tatting Series. Lots of tutorials.

absolute beginner tatting series--applies to shuttle tatting but there's some good info nonetheless

I love old doilies like my grandma used to make.  Watched her crochet lots of these, usually white ones.

I found three doilies at an Antique Shop in Upper Michigan that were similar to these styles. I love them, they are a work of art!

Tutorial #138: Cómo Endurecer Tejidos - Con Patrones | CTejidas [Crochet y Dos Agujas]

Doilys dipped in porcelain slip, draped over bowl form and kiln fired. Cotton burns away leaving bowls—What a beautiful ceramics project!i got rid of my kiln

Encaje encaje  libro de arte japonés

Tatting Lace in Life - Sumi Fujishige - Japanese Craft Pattern Book for Women - JapanLovelyCrafts

Free Form Tatted Heart  (by Patty D: Intatters)  prettiest piece of tatting I've ever seen

Free Form Tatted Heart by Patty D of intatters. Prettiest piece of tatting I've ever seen . I had to look twice to actually confirm that it is indeed tatting ~

Tatting I want to learn this

A gallery of photos of Heather's tatted doilies, edgings, flowers, pictures, and other tatted designs.

439dcf6d023dc496df52ab6a74b40fa6.jpg (1557×2211)

439dcf6d023dc496df52ab6a74b40fa6.jpg (1557×2211)