Perrie on being "Engaged" to Zayn

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Little Mix - Mixer

I'm quickly falling in love with a majority of Little Mix songs and this song is the cause of it all

Omg me and my friend said this the other day, that harry should do a song with Perrie now.

yeah they should! Though no grudge against taylor and zayn but still i would love a collabration like this

its just too much!!!!! Little Mix AND One Direction!!!! 0.o I LOVE THEM ALL SO DEARLY!!!!!! <3

Awh look at Zayn cuddling all cutely up behind Perrie awhhhh so cuute and then there's Niall just rocking and loving life haha

Hahahahahaha oh Alan (hey if you love little mix follow my little mix board too!)

Perrie Edwards and Alan Carr.shining the light for our future generation

Please limit what you throw on stage! and if you cant do that make sure that it wont hurt if i hit you outside the head with it

Niall recently posted: "I was in so much pain after the show. I love all of you but plz don't throw stuff at me or the other fellas. I hope you understand that I'm not mad at any of you but I would appreciate it if you would not throw stuff.

Haha! I am so glad that they got to see each other! Zerrie is just perf-ect *like leeroy*

Harry, Ed, Zayn, and Little Mix, Zayn sitting next to Perri in the crowd :)