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If you are planting an extra large planter, here are 12 jumbo planter design ideas to inspire you.

Railing planter

A long planter chock-full of flowers and foliage substitutes for a window box on a porch railing. ‘Goldilocks’ creeping Jenny, ‘Burlesque’ pigeon berry, Madagascar dragon tree, calibrochoa and coleus create a lush mix of upright and trailing plants.

Lush urn on pedestal | Black & lime sweet potato | Penunias | Allysum | Palm

Planter Design, Palm Tree, Flower pots very well done. Would be fantastic even without the palm tree.

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A beautiful cobalt-blue pot is the perfect accent to golden-yellow Japanese forest grass, purple elephant's ears, and purple angelonia!

Flowering Planter Container Garden

In this container garden the bronze red foliage of the cannas are tall and bold, the coleus add texture in the leaf design for something small to fill the base, accented with light colored ivy to give the container a lush full look.

EnglishGardeners: Container Gardening with Phormium & Heuchera

Container combo, dark purple: Phormium 'Black Adder', Heuchera 'Purple Petticoats' or 'Palace Purple', Ipomoea 'Blackie', Ophiopgon grass (substitute in 'Black Mondo' to complete the purple look).


Shade Container Plants Janet Loughrey Mophead Hydrangea, Begonias, Coleus, "Wizard Sport" Black Mondo Grass and Creeping Jenny ,

Put this in the front yard filled with snapdragons. barrel planter - love love love snapdragons. HC

barrel container garden Oh my! I think I am in love with this arrangement! The barrel.the flowers.the color it's all perfect for spring/summer!

hydrangeas in a planter. The colors of yellow, neon green and purple. Some large potted hydrangeas and ferns would be a simple solution to decorating parts of the wedding-rustic elegance

Winter hardy:  Arborvitae, pansies, ivy

Evergreens and Annuals - Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas - Evergreens and Annuals Pair colorful annuals with an evergreen for an established planting that can still change from season to season.

container garden by Deb Gomez

Flowering and Leafy Container Garden High Contrast Superbell calibrachoas and petunias create a violet and orange focal point with this deck container. Posted by kmphelps

Perfect Plants for the porch. coprosma (evening glow) , new zealand flax, scotch moss.  I like the mix of the flax with scotch moss and possibly acorus. The purple with the chartreuse would really stand out.

Fall Color Surprises

Fall color: For a modern look, plant your arrangements in glazed pots of deep burgundy, forest green, or pebble gray. Youll create a fresh autumnal mood without having to rake a single leaf.

Imperata (Japanese Blood Grass), Trailing Petunia, & Calibrachoa - Imperata will grow in part shade.

Imperata (Japanese Blood Grass), Trailing Petunia, & Calibrachoa~~need to try this combo in one of my pots next summer.

How to Make a Rosemary Topiary. Year-round herbs small or large spaces

How to Make a Rosemary Topiary

Rosemary Topiary Tutorial - how to plant, prune & stake a plant. I don't normally like topiary, but this we should do.