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Little Miss Lawyer

IF i become a lawyer, I want my own business card and want everyone to address me by "Ms. Lee" and scream out OBJECTION every time my opponent says something xD

Lawyers in the courtroom

Lawyers in the courtroom. This made me laugh probably more than it should have.

So accurate it's not even funny.

law school life Cherished this, The particular Beyond Bounds this is lovely.

I should put this on the coubter of the coffee shop I work at.

It's is bit early for me to need this, but for any of you established Nail Techs.

I want this so bad. I'm not kidding.

Harvard Law Just Kidding Hoodie - JK - Hooded Sweatshirt - College Law Humor…

The Litigation society ... Santa gets Sued!☺

Santa is named is named in a class action law suite for discriminating against the naughty.

"special piranha"

family law - i want him thrown in a vat of lava filled with special piranha that…

Criminal Law 101. Remember the 5th Amendment. The right to say and post what you wish at all times. If someone doesn't like it they don't have to come and look. Simple as that, and if they do come and look, read it and weep then get lost.

Shut up Framed Tile