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Actual tears fell from my eyes! Just imagine McGonagall thinking back to this moment, a few months after his funeral. >>> Who's funeral?

This is really silly but I love imagine Sirius like this

I love the marauders<--- i love how even after Remus is on the verge of killing Sirius he still fixes his hair ^-^

Aha, this is my favourite Sirius head cannon

Upbringing of a pure blood - I dislike this. It was his pureblood upbringing that made him the beautiful, sympathetic person he was, not because it was a good upbringing, but because it was a terrible one that he wouldn't allow to bring him down.

Except it would be centimeters because they're British.

And then wiping a tear away before marking his height for the final time to be the victor, walking away with a soft smile.

Great now I'm gonna be spending half the night thinking about this

Great now I'm gonna be spending half the night thinking about this << What if Thestrals are blind and it doesn't even matter?

What if one time he left it snowing but forgot to turn it off so he sneaks in later through Regs window and he's snowed in inside his room trying to get warm w/ some damp blankets  and Sirius just can't stop apologizing even Reg says it's fine and he thinks most if his pranks is are hilarious and yeah...

the marauders - sirius black<< Love this. I so wish Regulus and Sirius had a chance to be brothers to each other instead of constantly having a rift between them.


Harry as a Big Brother - so writing tons of drabbles about this but first these 4 then Harry hanging out with his 6 little brothers and sisters

Image de funny, joke, and sirius black

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