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>Vocaloid SELFIE!

lol I'm Gakupo in this and Kaito, Luka, Len, Rin, Gumi and Meiko are all mai buds.

Imagen Nendoroid Luka (Figura) Producto 4

Figure: Nendoroid Luka Megurine with Nendoroid Petit Tako Luka, material: PVC, ABS, original: Vocaloid, manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Hatsune Miku || Vocaloid

"Miku, you truly are a beauty, but please watch your skirt. I wouldn't want a female as precious as you to have perverts around .

yes I know she is a vocaloid and not technically in an anime but I like her so whatever

Jesse 18 lobes singing loves partying hair is as long as it looks

Circus freaks

Kagamine Rin and Len, the Vocaloid twins - they look very good here and I love them very much

Cyber Vocaloids

Que hermosa foto *-* Falta gakupo , Ia y esta gumi para que sea epica & Yuzuru chan

vocaloid, meiko, and hatsune miku

Vocaloid - Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin and Len, Kaito, Meiko, Hatsune Miku

Lucky Star/Vocaloid crossover!! LOL considering that the LS girls can't sing,it's funny they're dressed like Vocaloids because the Vocaloids can sing..

Post your favorite crossdressing pic!