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Benevolent Outcomes are requests FOR YOU when you desire assistance from your Guardian Angel. This is an old spiritual practice from the times of Atlantis.

Edgar Cayce Readings on Sacred Geometry [FULL VIDEO]

Ancient Knowledge Pt 1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality Rare Footage

"The Good Dinosaur" has us nerding out with paleoart...aka the coolest kind of art ever.

When Science and Art Collide

While we may not have time machines, a Canadian paleoartist, Julius Csotonyi, provides us with the next best thing in an illustration from his new book.


Long Live, Game Art, Art Reference, Fantasy Art, Mystic, Serenity, Knight, Scenery, Landscapes

Markus Neidel est un illustrateur allemand de 29 ans basé à Hambourg. Il dessine essentiellement des créatures de fantasy. Squelettes, orcs, golems et autres kraken, les monstres les plus étranges et terrifiants répondent présents dans la sélection d’images ci-dessous. Pour en voir davantage, visitez son portfolio et son ArtStation.

Les fantastiques créatures de Markus Neidel


I choose this picture because of its beautiful backdrop and scenery its very majestic and mysterious and is perfect for an alien environment.

Rahab- Jewish folklore: a sea monster or water dragon. "The demonic angel of the sea". Represents the primordial abyss, darkness, and chaos. Is associated with the Red Sea.

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Artist: Aleksi Briclot aka aneyeoni - Title: diablos water adv-Sea creature II - Card: Ildagar of Silent Deep (Everhunt)

The council always gathered here, at the queen's resting place. Only this time, it was special, this time it was the anniversary of her death. Chance remembered it as if it were only yesterday, he remembered the pain he felt as his mother left this world. He remembered his heart breaking, how the sorrow never left. That day he vowed he would avenge her, even if the quest claimed his life.

Dreamriders - Chapter 4 by BorjaPindado on deviantART …and, almost instantly, a great blue tree exploded from the ground. I glowed, and lit up the night. It shone brighter than the stars themselves… blue tree