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blog: De vuelta!!!! Con un estilo Boho-Chic…..

Lovely kids style wilkins You should do this on bills car!

Go to grandpa's farm and get a picture like this.  -l.s.

Actually, my boys probably won't be in overalls or on the back of a blue pickup truck. but I will probably end up with all boys!

Children of the Tribe...for free spirited young ones who love to run barefoot in the sand and daydream on treetops!

Children Of The Tribe

leopard print trousers

I think that the loose fitting harlem style pant is a great style for children. Its loose fitting and easy to play. Doing it up with different patterns is easy because it is such a simple design so it doesn't throw off the proportion.

Mom & Daughter Curlers

fun idea for mothers and daughters. i was the mom at the skatepark picking up in those rollers just to keep my hair from curling for the night. now, sometimes they ask us to arrive on set with our hair in them, ready for the stylist to do their magic!