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Uchiha Itachi by aConst on DeviantArt

Itachi Uchiha Man warum müssen die so einen Hässligen Hut haben

Naruto taught me a lot...and he helped make me stronger...

There's some really, really good times to run. Like when samurai are chasing you. Just sayin'. But if your Naruto then u won't hav to.

Shingeki no Kyojin -【進撃他】ログ25【腐向】

Shingeki no Kyojin -【進撃他】ログ25【腐向】

Loving whoever did this, but I dont think Sarada would have that kind of lady friends

I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader) - ~Chapter 12-Dragged away~

Three generations of SANNIN: Orochimaru-Jiraiya-Tsunade, Sasuke-Naruto-Sakura, & Mitsuki-Boruto-Sarada

Love this little bit of animation on Sakura in the ending song.

I liked her hair better when it was like super short cut and messy and fluffy and spiky, just after she cut it. Then it got like shoulder-length and it doesn't suit her.


Obito<<< Watching the war between Obito and Naruto's team and I swear I've cried at least five times throughout the whole thing. Feels, feels, and feels again with a touch of nostalgia over the entire Naruto series.

Hahah ya naruto a resengan is sooooo much better

I'm on Naruto's side. Plus we can't forget at least Naruto's neck isn't trying to swallow his head, either.

My motto for life

Don't let me be a princess.Let me be a warrior : Sakura Haruno - Naruto Shippuden -- I don't necessarily want to be Sakura, but I am so about this quote.