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Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

If you hate math tests, you’ll feel the same pain…<<<Oh, just so we all know, you can't buy cupcakes with human souls. The human souls taste much better than any cupcake.


So true! I'm so torn between pinning this to my giggles board or my truths bored. Truths win X)

But really. This is an issue in my life. So happy I found you, Pin!

They Call it Fifty Shade of Grehy?

Funny pictures about 'Grey' or 'Gray'? Oh, and cool pics about 'Grey' or 'Gray'? Also, 'Grey' or 'Gray'?

#LOLso true

Every single night !

Do you even speak cat?

Funny pictures about Do you even speak cat? Oh, and cool pics about Do you even speak cat? Also, Do you even speak cat?

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites (Life By Nadine Lynn)

story of a night shift nurse!

Nothing like 'Bad Education'

Nothing like 'Bad Education'

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and then men say that woman have it soo easy, cause they have to do all the heavy and rough stuff.

The FUNNIEST description of a period. Pin it. Read it. Language, but it's still funny.

Scottish tuba encouragement with a dash of Rocky.... I like it.

This guy is amazing. Kilt wearing tuba player, eye of the tiger

Ha Disney humor

When asked ‘what’s up…’ gotta remember this.

How true!!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

I need a woman to help with this problem

When I was litlle I thought being an adult meant not having a bed time but I've come to realize that it just means being in charge of my own bed time and ti turns out that I am not equipped to handle that responsibility.

so because we already past you and the world is giving the one who art all that good at the game a advantage over the ones with skill. Nice logic

“Let Mario Kart teach you about privilege and equality:”

When I see this, I just think of an extremely hot guy chained up in my basement to whom I would occasionally toss down a raw steak for him to eat...

Do you walk it? Do you bathe it? Do you have to walk it? What are my responsibilities as owner of Boyfriend?

Kissing Is Such A Dumb Word

Funny pictures about Kissing is such a dumb word. Oh, and cool pics about Kissing is such a dumb word. Also, Kissing is such a dumb word.

I laughed. I groaned. 12 Funny And Stupid Jokes That Will Make You Laugh And Groan At The Same Time…