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Shingeki no Kyojin - Eld, Gunther, Auruo, Levi, Eren and Petra ' Smile Eren'

This is what I imagine their childhood looked like. so heartbreaking but cute and loving and gahh. i can't deal with this. :D

This is what I imagine there childhood looked like. Eren is the greatest brother ever.

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Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Jaeger, SnK/AOT there is only one solution its a titan

Eren and Mikasa ~ Again by ChibiStarChan

Yay for out-of-character Mikasa. I swear, Mikasa would be the best puppy ever. Eren and Mikasa ~ Again

somebody take tumblr away from me today because I'M CRYING

What amazes me about this is that the words are to 'Don't deserve you.' Which is an older song that I didn't think people remembered.

Garden Falls V by demitasse-lover.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Over the Garden Wall Au - Garden Falls Chapter 5 宇宙艦隊RAMBO<<<<this comic better not make me cry, i swear.

Let's go home. by demitasse-lover on DeviantArt| Dude. The "You smell like Death" comic, you know the one with Robbie and that freakie ghost in it?! I just noticed that's a Gravity Falls and Danny Phantom crossover!!!!! Dude... 0.0

by demitasse-lover on DeviantArt. Don't kill me please or rage quit, there are parts in the series where i personally feel like (chocking) Vlad would be a better father than Jack. Some episodes!