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bruh pennywise is a cosmic entity lmao a boggart is would be way easier to defeat

Just in case you're bored.  Bobbi Babalooney's jingle is the best thing i'm going to hear all week. yes, i know it's only monday.

17 Things You Need To Try Right Now

"The mouth worried you until you knew him, then it worried you more" daaaaamn cool your thirst

"The mouth worried you until you knew him, then it worried you more" I wasn't gonna pin it but then he dropped That killer line :p

I laughed way to hard

There will always be a post from some douchebag, however if he improves it, it becomes gold (pun intended)

This website is a treasure.

18 Tumblr Responses That Are Just Funny AF

I love how "spaghetti" is now just liked to Undertale. Like noting about this game was in this post, but because of that cinnamon roll of a skeleton spaghetti will now always have a place in my heart.

I hate artificial grape flavoring so much that I stopped eating actual grapes for years until I had some one day and realized hey, they don't suck ~h

I actually really like the artificial taste of grapes in those little dum-dum suckers you find at like banks, but I hate actual grapes.

Laughing and crying at the same time, because this is scary and accurate.

Basically what America's going through atm. I was laughing evilly from afar, glad I escaped America, but there's a really bad typhoon supposed to hit Japan on Monday so never mind