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The Art Of Animation, Ovopack

Tepa by ovopack

村山竜大(@ovopack)さん | Twitter

村山竜大(@ovopack)さん | Twitter

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Summer Holiday by Ryota Murayama

Discover The Art of Ryota Murayama, a Freelance Artist for games based in Tokyo, Japan.


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ByAT9HpCAAAzaMb.jpg (471×794)

ByAT9HpCAAAzaMb.jpg (471×794)

The Art Of Animation, Ryota Murayama  -...

The Art Of Animation, Ryota Murayama -.

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ovopack (id like to think my dragon familiar character is similar to this in his compressed form)

Gallery by Kawiku on...

Kal (dios medio IN)

Masks of the old world 5(CLOSED) by Epic-Soldier on DeviantArt

Masks of the old world by Epic-Soldier



So many. Good character reference.


Male face and hair reference

Facial Proportions | Twenty-First Century Art and Design

Quick tutorial on how to correctly draw Facial Proportions, by Twenty-First Century Art and Design.

Brynn, 17, has memory gaps, doesn't know why she is at the asylum, desperate to know her past @sadierie61

Portrait Photography Inspiration : Brynn 17 has memory gaps doesn't know why she is at the asylum desperate