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Fernando Vicente: "Drácula"

Fernando Vicente: "Drácula"

Drácula Bram Stoker by Fernando Vicente

Spanish painter and illustrator Fernando Vicente brings Dracula to life in 'Dracula - Illustrated Edition', a new graphic novel based on Bram Stoker’s story


Amumu from League of legends heya! so My friend Peter asked me if I'd like to draw Amumu for him, so I did. amumu in a pool of water

The Family in Dunwich by *AbigailLarson on deviantART

Intertextual reading art: The Family in Dunwich by AbigailLarson on deviantART. Reading together, from Lovecraft imagined by AbigailLarson.


Josefumi and Kira


a vampire painted with photoshop.

A Collection of Creepy Vintage Krampus Christmas Postcards in the Book 'Devil in Design'

Coal in your stocking? Potatoes in your shoes? Well, if you’re naughty this Christmas, Krampus might stuff you into a sack and carry off for his dinner. Who is this Krampus and where does he come from? The Krampus, Grampus or Bartel is a shaggy, demonic figure with pagan roots in Austria, Germany and the...

Santa Claus and Krampus have become related throughout history, but they come from different traditions. What are the origins of Santa Claus and Krampus?

Madeline Usher by MirrorCradle (Abigail Larson) from her Edgar Allan Poe series #deviantart #poe

Abigail Larson - Madeline Usher - Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Fall of the House of Usher'

Dark Stories, Short Stories, Abigail Larson, Danse Macabre, Art Print, Illustrations, Horror, Illustrators, Rocky Horror

Antique Krampus postcard

Antique Krampus postcard

Картинки по запросу джонатан стрендж и мистер норрелл иллюстрации

Some creepy artworks

Machine01.jpg (500×512)

Machine01.jpg (500×512)

Thad Jones & Mel Lewis - Consummation (Blue Note)

The Impossible Coolness of Blue Note Album Covers

Illustration by Ken Turner of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, in Tim Burton's, 'Dark Shadows'. (

Ink, ink pen and water colour on water colour paper. x and background photos of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows - Barnabas Collins for fans of Tim Burton images.