Fun Nintendo bento box art lunch

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From Our Friends: September 6, 2013

From Our Friends: September, 6, 2013

mozart. food. SO WEIRD. I kinda want to eat it no lie..

From animal inspiration, to recreations of the most classic artistic masterpieces, these amazing bento boxes prove that food might very well be the ultimate form of art.

bento japanese food lunch box creative ozzy rice rock guitar

The Oz*Man Cometh * Dosirak/Bento Box Lunch (Not sure I could eat this one. Headless Bats keep flopping through my brain.

AMAZING-ARTS: 17 Awesome Creations of Bento Food Art

Bento lunch boxes are often decorated to look like people, animals, gadgets, and famous characters. This post showcases beautiful and creative bento designs.

Resultado de imagem para comida

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this is a bento box (for kids) its cooked to look like pokemon , bento boxes have rice sushi or other Japanese food

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Funny pictures about Angry Birds Bento. Oh, and cool pics about Angry Birds Bento. Also, Angry Birds Bento photos.