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Autumn Coffee Cat Original Folk Art Painting by KilkennycatArt

Autumn Coffee Cat Original Folk Art Painting

If Huck were smart, he'd look like this. Minimalist Christmas Cat Original Folk Art by KilkennycatArt

Title: A Certain Glamour by Deidre Wicks ‡ Orangie will tell you that she put on the head scarf because she was going for a 1940s retro look. But really, she just got a bad haircut! The orange tabby cat in the painting is my very own Orange Peel. And yes he's really a boy. Male or female, how can you resist a cat in cat eye glasses? Watercolour Print Printed on archival paper with pigment ink.

Cat Watercolor - PRINT, Orange Tabby Illustration, Retro Cat, Open Edition, Cat in Glasses