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The Benefits Of Feeding Backyard Birds - Froehlich's Farm

American Goldfinch - Carduelis Tristis by Don Cromwell (The State Bird for Washington)

happy fellow - American Yellow Finch -  Henry Domke

happy fellow - American Yellow Finch - Henry Domke - at the window feeder & on the cherry tree on an overcast day - 3 of them

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

Female American Goldfinch - Not as bright as the male, but pretty too             Actually a male i9n winter plumage.  Females are brown streaked.

I hung up a thistle seed sock to see if I could lure in goldfinches and saw a little male like this in his drab winter plumage. -American goldfinch male in winter plumage. He loses the black patch on his head as he fades to a dun colour.

Goldfinches ~ Beautiful little birds. My mum feeds them in the front garden as they like to be away from the "common" sparrows (maybe they are posh). They LOVE Niger seeds... Photo by Sandor Bernath.

17 most beautiful birds photography in the world. Nature keeps deviates natural beauty in it. From the begin to the ending there is always a beauty.