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Jellyfish and Comb Jellies | Smithsonian Ocean Portal

Bioluminescent Comb Jelly A transparent body helps this tiny comb jelly (Bathocyroe fosteri) blend into the water. Credit: Marsh Youngbluth/MAR-ECO, Census of Marine Life

Translucent creature 4

comb jelly (Lampea pancerina) eating a salp - by Larry Madin

Night diving

Jellyfish reflection taken on a night dive at Ras Umm Sid.

Phylum ctenophora

Phylum ctenophora


Medusa by Guido Mocafico

Box jellyfish are one marine animal you do not want to find yourself swimming among.

9 dangerous coral reef creatures

Box jellyfish are one marine animal you do not want to find yourself swimming…


"I'm not going to say it again, Hal. I don't think I could be any clearer.

Our World Underwater 2010 Winning Image by Ross

24 amazing underwater photos - Credit: Ross Gudgeon/Barcroft Media 'Inner glow' - A jellyfish in Ningaloo Reef, Australia

Lovers poster i gruppen Posters  / Fotokonst hos Desenio AB (8694)

Lovers Poster i gruppen Posters / Djur hos Desenio AB

"Yellyfish" ~ Photography by vanveelen

Jellyfish, photo taken at Quays site, Ras Mohamed Park, Egypt by Nikki van Veelen

A Photographic Insight into the World of Jellyfish ...

Wouldn't this be an awesome Tattoo? Aurelia aurita (also called the moon jelly, moon jellyfish, common jellyfish, or saucer jelly) is a widely studied species of the genus Aurelia

jelly fish

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Phyllorhiza Punctata - Australian Spotted Jellyfish - Aquarium Berlin By Jasper - (flickr)

Jellyfish at the Berlin zoo, Germany ---Spotted Dancing Jellyfish, with translucent browny-colour top with white dots.

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bioluminescence by NatalieKelsey on DeviantArt

ღ Şengül KSY ღ - Google+

ღ Şengül KSY ღ - Google+

Água viva

Fluorescent Jellyfishes Amazing fluorescent jellyfish shot in an aquarium of Rhenen's zoo in The Netherlands