the top of the picture couldn't be more japanese

série d’illustrations réalisée par l’artiste Alessandro Gottardo

Would be awesome and humorous if it was actually put on a box of uncooked spaghetti noodles.

A fun piece of graphic design. I love the concept of the spaghetti bar code because it is original and whimsical.

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Laura Berger criou um mundo só seu, ilustrado com seres fabulosos. Através de seus desenhos, Laura explora nossa conexão com o universo e com os outros.

Conheça os fabulosos seres ilustrados por Laura Berger

laura-berger: “ ~ Flow ~ Prints available here! For my upcoming exhibition at Hazel, 1902 W Montrose Chicago, opening Oct 3 from pm.

Transcendentalism has the idea of standing out of the crowd and doing your own thing. "Imitation is suicide." This painting is telling us to walk away.

Just because everyone around is doing it, it doesnt mean that you have to be sucked into doing to if its not what you believe in which is a concept that talked about in transcendentalism. go down your own path.

Sophie Blackall via @pikaland

Lovely poster for New York’s Downtown Literary Festival by the one and only Sophie Blackall, in the style of her endlessly endearing Missed Connections. (↬ Lapham’s Quarterly)

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ART-OPOLOGY: illustration

"One of the places which helps me dream is the swimming pool. While I’m swimming the brain disengages from the body and I can dream" - ALESSANDRO GOTTARDO - (A jump into forever. Piece of Art by concept illustrator Alessandro Gottardo)