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Check out nice design of Armband Tattoos. Cool Ideas of Armband tattoo style for men and women

polynesia armband tattoo

These are the coolest armband tattoo ideas known to man - or woman, for that matter. Best armband tattoos you'll ever see.

flower tattoo on the inside of the elbow

Just an idea for placement of a tattoo. Flower on elbow crease by Victor J Webster from Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland, NZ. I like the idea of a flower mandala

Hawaiian tattoos designs have a history of almost thousands of years. They have gained much popularity since Hawaiian tattoos are not only full of

14 Floral Tattoo Designs for the Season


Tattooizm is a home for custom designed tattoos located in Tel Aviv. We gather some of the best tattoo artists in Europe and offers a wide range of styles.

The body is the greatest canvas (35 Photos)

When placed together, tattoo sleeves are basically large tattoo or a collection of various random designs that cover a bigger part of the arm.