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A mother's love for you will last, when other passions long have passed . I always feel my Mother's love, even after 31 years :)

From my daughter ♡

A sincere and heartfelt expression of love to give to anyone you call or consider your mom. inch print with black ink printed on Futura.

This is for you Jacob Edmondson.

My Promise To My Children oh yes so true. I do so because you are my children. Love you both more than my own life. Some can only look from afar but I do not nor will I ever because I am your parent I am your dad.

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My son

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Gift Idea for Isaac: To my Son, I sometimes wish. Poem by: Larry Howland This is lovely. Such a beautiful idea to print and frame for graduation or the wedding day. Must have a photo with mom and the boy as a baby!

I am not a mommy yet but my sisters are n this is for them

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I am not a mommy yet but my sisters are n this is for them

Looove love this                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Although my children are grown.I still want them to feel a sense of warmth, safety and love when they come home for a visit (and they do! I am so blessed)

Remember what Alice Cooper says'  "Only women bleed"

I am Mom. I am Grandma, That is me. I am all of these things.

Most amazing man I know. ❣

You are my son. I love you now and forever love love quotes quotes quote boy man mother forever son.I Love you Gill

You are the Poem I Dreamed of Writing

You are the poem I dreamed of writing, the masterpiece I longed to paint. You are the shining star I reached for in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled. You are my child, now with all things I am blessed. ❤️ my daughter❤️