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The futuristic fashion of Project Runway contestant Elena Slivnyak

Iimuahii’s fall/winter collection 2012 is stunning, and these futuristic photos by Juan Zambrano and Stephen Wheeler are total sci-fi eye-candy.

Dicen que la cara es el espejo del alma; aunque qué pasaría, si cubriéramos nuestro rostro con máscaras. Éstas podrían ocultar nue...

Fetish Inspirations : Supermodel Masha Kirsanova For L’Officiel Magazine Ukraine

Brilliant Costumes by Agnieszka Osipa

my costume, more Agnieszka Osipa Costumes photo Viky Arger slavic tale (costume)

Built with "a new fabrication to cope with the varying circumstances of an active lifestyle," the Nike Tech Pack for Spring/Summer 2014 offers lightweight,


More Mardorim high fashion // weird shoulder shapes? Simple Shapes Fashion Design & Costume Design by Alexandra Boerescu