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Caras Galadhon

imported from a distant elf-place (Tol Eressea and/or Valinor) that humans and evil creatures can& go away to, which live in a super-special land where .


Reflection 6 – Lord of the Rings 2 The Two Towers

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The Elves of Middle Earth Wallpaper: Grey Havens

Destiny by ekukanova Aredhel & Eol Illustration for Silmarillion by Tolkien

Destiny by ekukanova on deviantART Aredhel & Eol Illustration for Silmarillion by Tolkien gouache and watercolours on paper,

Middle-earth: #Thranduil (#Lee #Pace), "The Hobbit." "Ready for Battle," by jankolas, at deviantART.

Middle-earth: Thranduil (Lee Pace), "The Hobbit." "Ready for Battle," by jankolas, at deviantART.

All images © Billy Mosig; displayed with the artist's permission.

An illustration of Lady Galadriel and her magical mirror. The Mirror of galadriel

Las Dos Torres / El Señor de los Anillos

Elven Weapons and Armour - Lord of the Rings Wiki - Wikia

Galadriel and Celeborn.                evankart:  And there was great love between them.
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

For love of Celeborn, who would not leave Middle Earth, she did not go West at the downfall of Melkor, but crossed Ered Lindon and came into Eriador. Celeborn and Galadriel came to be regarded as the Lord and Lady of the Eldar in Eriador.

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First encounter with Edain by ekukanova Silmarillion Tolkien harp sword elf bard minstrel musician knight armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

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The Elves of Middle Earth. Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel

La Tierra Media de Tolkien

Middle Earth Elven realms are the best looking Though I love a rocking Boromir in Osgiliath Lord of The Rings The Hobbit