Hiddels1460.  The look on his face. I looks like he was in the middle of an important discussion, but when you walked in he just stopped and is like "Yes darling? What can I do for you?"

torrilla: “ Show stoppers: backstage at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards “ TOM HIDDLESTON Do you have any particular method for learning Shakespearean lines? I’m the man who looks like a lunatic.

Tom Hiddleston, Toms, Tom Shoes

Thomas William Hiddleston That last pic though

It makes me happy knowing that a man like this exists in the world. Even if I never meet him, my life is better and I am a better person because of him. And that's pretty awesome. I love you, Thomas William Hiddleston.

Tom hiddleston el rodaje de ' el administrador de la noche

Tom Hiddleston on set filming The Night Manager on April 2015 [HQ]. He makes a mundane act such as eating look good<<<is bad to say I want to be that spoon/fork?