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Basically Xx


Seriously, just text me or talk to me or something and then BAM. Just gotta wait for someone to do that. >>> Literally this would work on me

♕ yoυ're perғecт jυѕт нow yoυ are ♕ ⇻skylar149⇺

Ugh truth <<<< I'll go through the ENTIRE house looking for food, then my mom will come up to me and be like: You hungry? Me: No, not really just want to eat for the fun of it.

Does anyone else do this? or is it just me...

I thought that I was the only one with my toothbrush obsession.-regan nope I do the same thing can't brush without doing that - avarie

Perfectly describes my life

Yep school starts in TWO WEEKS so I hope I do something really fun and awesome write in da comments what you did with your summer i can't wait to see then :) have a great rest of your summer love ya all :)


Teenager Post You know someone is a true friend when you break down and cry, but they will say the stupidest, most random thing just to see you smile.

Well, it REALLY starts around Jan when ur sick of school but summer is far

Well, it REALLY starts around Jan when ur sick of school but summer is far - Sad but true. The weeks just fly by this way. You feel bad though because you feel like you should be enjoying them instead.

All the time!

That moment when you and your bestfriend can say one word, and you crack up. [Depending on the friends it's either turquoise or coral.

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Preach honestly tho some people need to go by these rules before I slap them so hard their fake ness goes flying on the damn wall.

All the time or at least I try to

Teenager Post - I'm the type of person that tries to fall back asleep in the morning just to finish a dream.

Except I'm not always positive.

Teenager Post Always Be Positive. *trips down stairs* "Man, I got down those stairs fast!