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homemade viewmaster! I wonder if i can convert the 3d photos from my new sony camera. And if my old viewmaster is still at home.

diy viewmaster reel-- I collect viewmaster reels-- they are EXPENSIVE. I'd really only want to repurpose one that had lost a pic.


The set for "Peter Pan" (Viewmaster reel), with artist Joe Liptak~Image via Center of Art and Photography

..snow white grimm tale on view master look how cute this is fairy girls

snow white grimm tale on view master look how cute this is fairy girls

rare pictures related to 20000 Leagues under the Sea. Set of images from the classic tale was created in 1954 by View-Master but these are not stills from the Disney movie. Instead View-Master artists specially created dioramas which were then photographed to be included in the View-Master 3D discs. Even if the Nautilus or Captain Nemo don't look exactly like in the movie the scenes are inspired by the Jules Verne novel and the Disney movie  and the characters were sculpted by Warren Chaney.

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness: Daily Reminder - View Master Secrets.

I still have my collection of View-Master reels showing miniature dioramas of various fairytales. Florence Thomas was the original sculptor of those mini masterpieces!

Unsung Geniuses: Florence Thomas of ViewMaster via DnR. Most fans of the tiny fantasy worlds glimpsed through the lens of a View-Master viewer are probably

Florence Thomas: GENIUS! She created the little sculpture dioramas for View Master. This one from 1958. LOVE!

"The potion," said the Sea Witch, "will give you legs." Vintage viewmaster slide (see all the slides with their original narration here!