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8 Tricks to Find Really Great Spotify Playlists

8 Tricks to Find Really Great Spotify Playlists

As an avid Spotify user, I can say these guys nailed it, because I do every trick to find a unique and fun playlist to play.

Yes, these sound very nice. I will say that if you try to pick uplifting music, be careful; some things are perceived much differently when depressed, including music, and personally, standard uplifting music tends to make me feel much worse and alone.

●●fuzz sez: In other words--be nice!●● or reals, people. Personally, I have trust issues for some of these but if people would help share my responsibilities then I would cry less lol

Upbeat  Fun & Uplifting Acoustic Indie

Buy Pop Rock Indie Funky Party by on AudioJungle. “Pop Rock Indie Funky Party“ gives you that cool, easygoing feel. Like that pool party you went to last summer.

STAND BY ME ~ Playing For Change...Song Around the World. Love this.

"Stand by Me" From the award-winning documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music", comes an incredible track written by Pierre Minetti performed by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it traveled the globe.

13 Songs To Empower You When You're Feeling Down

13 Kick-Ass Feminist Songs

These days, it can feel like every song you hear is sprinkled with a healthy dose of misogyny. But if "feminist music" sounds almost like an oxymoron to you, you may just be looking in all the wrong places. Like any art form, music has been used as a…

Corporate Motivational Uplifting Positive

Buy Clap and Stomp by Alec_Koff on AudioJungle. Energetic and upbeat percussion track with stomps, claps, snaps and powerful cinematic drum ensembles similar tracks:

14 Country Love Song Quotes - QuotesHumor.com

14 Country Love Song Quotes

Country songs can really capture how you feel, especially when you are in love. We put together 14 Country Love Song Quotes that you will love because you are in love! Enjoy some romantic lyrics

Dreams Are Real    Time travel. Space Exploration. Violence. Drama. Love. Cats. Dreams.  ©2013 Katie Akana and Ryan Barger

Cats Star in Music Video to End All Music Videos "dreams are real" ryan barger

Impressive cinematic music played by piano, orchestral strings, cellos and dramatic drums. Perfect for inspiring and hopeful moments, wedding video and slideshows. Also it can be used as a background for powerful and emotional videos, trailers, sport visuals, scores, titles, titres and many other media projects! Both WAV and MP3 formats are included.

Buy Epic Drum Trailer by ColourTunes on AudioJungle. Epic Drum Trailer its powerful, dynamic and energetic background track.

Sentimental Cinematic Piano and Cello Emotional & Dramatic

Buy Emotional Inspiring Piano Kit by melodrama on AudioJungle. Emotional Inspiring Piano Kit MUSIC KIT description New Inspiring sentimental Piano Kit featuring emotional piano and.

#Positive, uplifting, #cheerful, #happy, #funny #indie #pop #rock track. Perfect for video production  http://audiojungle.net/item/cheerful-travel/6002853?ref=antarctic

Buy Cheerful Travel by Antarctic on AudioJungle. ANtarcticbreeze, Stockmusicclouds This track included: Indie Pop Punk Pack save your money.

city, commercial, documentary, dynamic, energetic, hipster, journey, modern, motivational, opener, promotion, realistic, title sequence, travel, vlog  Urban Realistic Subway Intro Inspiring unique energetic motivation opener! With real people and real world! All media is added onto 3D tracked objects and adapted to the scene to look realistic and unique. Very fast text and image replacement. For tv entertainment production, travel vlog, uplifting motivation, music clip or social…

Realistic Urban 3D Titles Intro

Buy Realistic Urban Titles Intro by cyzer on VideoHive. With real people and real world!

Making each day more art-ful, how to make more art, art for adults, creative self-care

Mindful Art Studio - Art journaling for self-expression and de-stressin'