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A natural take on the classic snowman, the Pine Cone Snowman Statue is a charming tabletop decoration. Each snowman is jolly and frosted from a fresh snow.

Pine Cone Hedgehog Ornaments - There’s no tutorial for this, but you could make your own by slicing a pine cone in half and drawing little faces and paws with a Sharpie. - 62 Impossibly Adorable Ways To Decorate This Christmas

Holiday Craft: Pinecone Carolers

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There are so many fun things to make for the holidays with just some simple pine cones. Use pine cones from your own collection or purchase.


Holidays are for the birds! White, Silver, Copper and Gold Pinecone Birds, Set of 4 Gentry Costephens Plus World Market

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Country Living Magazine bleached pine cone ornament with colorful velvet ribbon. Hang from chandelier.

Pine cone tree tutorial.../

17 amazing pine cone decorating ideas Idea Box by Kathy Life on Lakeshore Drive

Pine cones are plentiful in the fall and winter seasons; so, take advantage and create these unique homemade Christmas decorations. These Pine Cone Trees are a great DIY craft to start off the holiday season.

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Pinecone Topiary Trees- take apart pinecones.then hot glue onto brown spray-painted tree-shaped cones. They look so natural.like they grew that way! Make several sizes and group them with natural greenery, burlap ribbon. other naturals - nuts, dried

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Life on Lakeshore Drive: Pine Cone Tree Tutorial

Would be cute with bleached pine cones. :) Pine cone Christmas tree, make with scented pinecones and top with a red ribbon!

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DIY snowballs - Made these snowballs by dipping syrofoam balls into a bowl of watered-down white glue ~~ then rolling them in another bowl of clear glitter. We used bamboo skewers (sticks) to hold onto them and stuck.

Two It Yourself: Pinecone Decor: How to clean and dry pine cones for crafts

Place dry pine cones on a foil-covered baking sheet in a single layer. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for about minutes. Spray them with a little acrylic sealer to give them a little sheen and to give strength since pine cones are fragile.