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Calor extremo

Melting Fan: Art installation at a subway station in Atlanta. (It's been hot enough to melt fans in Texas, this summer!

El calor residual se convertirá en electricidad con este material termoeléctrico

Room air conditioners are so much cheaper than central air conditioners. Whats the difference?

Beat the heat.  Wrap wet paper towel around a Bottle, put in freezer for 15 mins and super cold!

Beat the heat. Wrap wet paper towel around a Bottle, put in freezer for 15 mins and super cold!

"Ballet Flats For Fall" by esha2001 on Polyvore - Click image to find more Home Decor Pinterest pins

Fall denim styles/outfits - I'll pass on the animal print blouse and tattered jeans though

Just a typical day at Walmart. ‪#‎Airconditioning‬ ‪#‎HVAC‬

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traffic cones Signs It’s Too Freaking Hot Outside | Pleated-Jeans.com

The Best Funny Pictures Compilation I see these winter posts and all i can think is, ‘meanwhile in.

<b>Do you feel a thrilling jolt anytime you pierce paper with a stapler? Does nothing feel better than an ultra-smooth Pilot pen rolling languorously across your Moleskine?</b> Here's some art you might really appreciate.

Packing Tape Spiderweb Installation

Packing Tape Spiderweb Installation by Viennese/Croatian design collective For Use/Numen. - 21 Works of art using office supplies

Yes! LOL

Opening the car door after the car has been parked in the sun. so true!

Just hope all of those don't go out at the same time...would make for an interesting service call.

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Xtra life - http://www.hvac-hacks.com/xtra-life/

Customer want to know if he can get xtra life out of the system

Your Wife Is Hot!

Your Wife Is Hot Diana T. from Brooklyn, New York sent in this photo a friend sent to her. How dare you!

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ANOTHER PINNER SAID: Hahahaha! I hate to say it, but so many of these "Redneck Ideas" are actually smart! Not aesthetically pleasing at all but in a time of necessity, it works!