cuteandadorable: “here with mom…❤️❤️ ”

cuteandadorable: “here with mom…❤️❤️ ”

lambies :)

Dolly the cloned sheep is born in July of 1995 and lived for seven years. Dolly, la pecora clonata, nacque nel luglio del 1995 e visse per sette anni.

For my sister, Vicki, who loves her lambys (sp)her two legged and four legged.

My Dad sheared the sheep. He would bring the baby lambs into our house to warm them, when they were shivering from cold, wet Minnesota weather. We put a lamb in a low box, on the open door/oven warming them up slowly.

Toves Sammensurium: Let´s escape....

One can see sheep roaming the lovely geen countryside. I wanted to hop off from the train and pet them.

Adorable Baby Lamb

few things are as sweet as a baby lamb. Well, most baby animals are, but humans don't come close, sorry.

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FARMHOUSE – ANIMALS – springtime is a time for renewal and rebirth on the farm, baby pigs are actually some of the most beautiful creatures on a farm.

The USDA is torturing animals to help meat producers make more money. Please take action here:

USDA’s Meat Animal Research Center: An American Horror Story

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