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Gryphon Paintings V: Wild Fowl by redvarg.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I'm a nut for gamebirds and ducks (they're still coming up ) Some of the colors and patterns are just plain gorgeous. Gryphon Paintings V: Wild Fowl

Griffin types

The adventures first,' said the Gryphon in an impatient tone: 'explanations take such a dreadful time.'" (Lewis Carroll)---I use these when writing


Hippogriff - a mix of a Gryphon and a horse with the front legs and tail of a lion, the hind legs of a horse and the head and wings of an eagle

Plate Creatures fantastic Deyrolle: Hares by CuriositesRenversade

Jackalope / horny bunny print - cabinet of curiosities by the artist Camille Renversade Deyrolle poster

((Open)) Alexander sat in the library, one earbud in as he sketched in his sketchbook. He had a couple drawing tutorial books sitting next to him, but they were both closed and he was in the zone. So when he heard Y/C close a book a little loudly, he started and turned quickly, seeming to have momentarily forgotten where he was. He took a breath, calming down and grinning at Y/C sheepishly, "Sorry, you scared me.

And Yet More Owl Griffin by RobtheDoodler on deviantART:<<this animal shall accompany me in hog warts

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Griffins, the mythical creatures of Greek, Persian and Egyptian mythologies, are described in detail in this article.

Nordic folklore, some interesting mythological creatures and figures

Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore these creatures have a likely origin of the Jotner in Norse mythology. Jotner were most damaging to the Norse gods , but sometimes benefit

Grey Griffin with Pink Feet by Reptangle on DeviantArt

A basic griffin I have been schmarming around with for a long time. I schmarmed this same basic griffin art into these hippogriffs too: I don't pa. Grey Griffin with Pink Feet