The narcissist will blame YOU for letting them hurt you. In their eyes, you were dumb enough to let it happen, so it's your fault.

Couldn't fucken survive if their lives depended on it . And so how's tinker bell over there on her own ?

He had to be the kingpin. Controlled all the finances and put properties in his name so I couldn't touch them unless he was dead. He used me build him up and give him a beautiful family until he was successful and looked the part with his beautiful intelligent wife and 4 amazing children (attractive like their mother not dumpy like him) - now he's on the prowl for a naive youngster because I'm older, less pretty... and I'm on to him. What an asshole. Narcissist Abuse Recovery

"Isolating the target by infiltrating their circle of friends and discrediting…

Blame shifting is a favorite strategy.  He refuses to acknowledge anything I try to tell him about the kids when there's events or exchanges. I'll hand him papers for the kids, or tell him about medicine, and he won't look at me or acknowledge he's heard me speak. At all. He'll call and speak then, but likely he has witnesses. When I asked him for the kids sake (on the phone) to just be polite at very least, his reply was how I always try and start fights and "what's my problem now"...part…

Blame shifting is a favorite strategy. If I posted my texts with him you'd see this exact thing, because he IS indeed, a Narcissist.

Narcissists are masters of illusion, they play the poor abused victim while in truth they are wreaking havoc by torturing, mistreating and abusing those that they fooled into loving them.

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Family does damage too, stuff it under a rug. Truth.

It's easy to tell someone to get over it. When someone repeatedly deceives you and isn't truthful, it's hard to get over it and trust them again.

This explains it ALL ! This is how it all started! Always a comment in a hurtful manner..until someone explodes & then you have a problem w/someone calling you out...blah blah blah..

This is an excellent site for people who can relate. Link verified - Sanctuary for the Abused: THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN - Hallmark of a Narcissist or Sociopath Narcissistic abuse hurts we can heal loves this Pin Thanks Abuse

The reason you can never win against a narcissist isn't because you aren't as smart as them, it's because your conscience will never allow you to sink to their level. (Bree Bonchay)

Especially with a parental Narcissist. You just can't bring yourself to treat your own mother the way she treats you, no matter how awful she is. Maternal Narcissism is such a terrible pain.