Stefan Zsaitsits is an Austrian artist born in Hainburg/Donau. Stefan specializes in drawing, fine arts and painting.

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Illustrator Owen Gent is such a storyteller with unique interpretation of life. His illustrations painted in earthy tones and drawn wordless narratives.

ropa el placer de desnudarte

Ilustraciones que demuestran el placer de desnudarte y sentirte libre

Owen Gent「A Tale of an Empty House」

Sandra E. Barreiro on

“A Tale of an Empty House” by Owen Gent, an entry for the Book Illustration Competition run by House of Illustration & the Folio Society. Owen made it onto the 2015 Longlist.

Family Portraits - Daniel Jamie Williams

By Daniel Jamie Williams

A selection of work by Bristol-based illustrator Owen Gent. More images below.               Owen Gent’s Website

Illustrator Spotlight: Owen Gent

Not Sure if this ones finished but I think I’ve reached Friday Saturation point, shall re-visit tomorrow but for now, here’s Your Blissfull Shadow No 2